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Overview of building automation system of new world Zhengren building (2/2)

5), monitoring and control of electrical equipment

A, monitoring of power transformation and distribution system

the project is located in a power transformation and distribution room on the first floor of the basement, and the building central management system mainly has the following functions:

* monitor the fault alarm signal of the transformer, and remotely monitor the working temperature of the transformer

* monitoring of voltage, current, frequency, active power, reactive power, power factor, bus coupler switch status and main circuit breaker switch status of low-voltage main incoming line

* detection of incoming voltage and current of high-voltage incoming line and b-item current of high-voltage outgoing line

* various operating parameters of generator set

- three-phase voltage, current, water temperature, unit speed, frequency of diesel generator

- automatic switching of power supply working state, unit operation mode, unit overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, Underfrequency, low oil pressure

- unit start and stop, loading, unloading

* battery power quality (battery output current and voltage)

b, monitoring and control of lighting equipment

monitoring of building lighting can not only simplify the operation, but also carry out schedule control or illumination control to make the controlled lamps go out on time, which is conducive to saving electric energy. The monitoring is as follows:

* time setting of indoor and outdoor public lighting on

* open outdoor lighting, facade lighting and decorative lighting according to the established procedures

* monitor the switch status of indoor and outdoor public lighting circuits

* monitor the normal power supply/emergency power supply status of the emergency power box

6). Control and monitoring of water supply and drainage system

water supply and drainage equipment includes domestic water supply system, fire water system and drainage system. Monitor the water level of each water tank

the central management system of the building completes the following functions:

A. domestic (fire) water system

the water supply from each underground floor to the third floor above the ground in the project is directly supplied by the municipal pipe, and the domestic water above the fourth floor is supplied by the living pool in the basement through the frequency conversion unit

the central management system of the building has set a liquid level switch on the living pool to measure the ultra-high liquid level and ultra-low liquid level respectively. When the liquid level is too high, overflow will occur or the liquid level is too low, the system will send an alarm signal to the monitoring center

the building central management system can detect the power frequency state and frequency conversion state of three variable-frequency feed pumps

the building central management system monitors the ultra-high and ultra-low water levels of the fire pool

b, sewage system

this project aims to create a new development model of openness, sharing and win-win. The water in the underground accumulation tank and sewage tank of the project is discharged after being pressurized

the building central management system realizes the following functions:

* monitor the sewage level, and alarm for ultra-high/ultra-low level

* monitor the running state and fault alarm of sewage pump

* when the liquid level rises to the pump starting level, start one sewage pump for drainage; When the liquid level rises to ultra-high level, start all sewage pumps for drainage and send an alarm to the central control room, which also has excellent waterproof performance signal; Shut down the sewage pump when the liquid level drops to the shutdown level

7). Monitoring of escalator equipment

according to the requirements, the building central management system monitors the status, fault signals and cumulative running time of elevators and escalator equipment

8). Monitor the status of each weak current system

BMS system is connected with other weak current systems to monitor the status of each weak current system. The specific monitoring is as follows:

* monitor the failure of closed-circuit television monitoring system

* monitor satellite TV system failure

* monitor the failure of the security alarm system

* monitor the failure of the broadcast music system

3. Linkage between BMS and other systems

in the case of open protocols of other systems, kmdigital system can be interlocked with other systems through customs. In this project, kmdigital system is connected with customs nt17 of security system for linkage. The specific contents are as follows:

the lighting switch of a certain area is determined according to the evacuation and fortification of the area; The start and stop of the air conditioning system can also be controlled similarly

when an illegal invasion occurs, the lighting of the area is forced to be turned on

IV. selection of building automation system

after careful analysis, the building control system of new world Zhengren building has the following characteristics:

* there are many electromechanical equipment, and the equipment locations are scattered

* there are many third-party equipment that require the flatness of non machined surfaces to be no more than 3mm in any 600mm length

* the number of monitoring points of the building control system is large (1076 points in total)

* the structure of the building is complex

combined with the characteristics of Zhengren building above, the building automation system purchased should have the following characteristics:

* the area controller should be a small point controller, which can be randomly matched according to the controlled equipment, so as to save unnecessary equipment redundancy investment

* the building control system area controller (DDC) should have local control function to reduce the amount of network communication data communication and improve the stability of system operation

* the networks at all levels of the building control system should have a high communication rate to reduce the monitoring delay caused by too large and too many points of the system

* the selected building control system should be an open system that supports integration in various ways to reduce the difficulty of integrating third-party equipment

* the selected building control system should be a modular building block structure to facilitate the reconstruction and expansion of the system

according to the above analysis, we chose the building central management system (BMS) of KMC company in the United States to intelligently manage the equipment in the building

v. prospect of building control system of Zhengren building

buildings and construction equipment are integrated, but they are artificially divided into independent systems due to technical online problems and specification requirements. Today, with the rapid development of weak current technology, we can use weak current system to integrate these independent systems to give full play to their greatest advantages

in combination with the situation of other weak current systems in New World Zhengren building, we will discuss how to integrate other weak current systems with the building control system as the core, so as to give full play to the greatest advantages of the weak current system

the building automation system of Zhengren building adopts the products of KMC in the United States. If the weak current system integration is carried out, it can be realized in two ways that the domestic market will be broader:

1 Network controller layer integration mode: for kmdigital system, its network controller kmd-5210 can support the communication modes of BACnet, LonWorks, Ethernet, etc. we can connect it directly into BACnet, LonWorks or Ethernet, and let it communicate directly with other subsystems with the same access technology at the upper end

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