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On Wednesday, August 24, a summary of the Asian oil market

on Wednesday, the benchmark crude oil in Asia, Dubai crude oil spot, followed the decline of western crude oil electronic disk. Dubai crude oil November spot price per barrel 68 97 US dollars, down 0.63 US dollars from the close on Tuesday; Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel in November 4 US $50; In November, the difference between wti/Dubai swap price per barrel was 4 55 dollars

Asian naphtha and gasoline spot fell on Wednesday. The evaluation price of Japanese open specification naphtha shipped in the first half of October was $623.50 per ton, which was $5.00 lower than the previous trading day because it exceeded the specified test range, but this had little impact on the price (except for portal). The estimated price of gasoline in Singapore market was US $78.70 per barrel, down US $2.00 from the previous trading day

aviation kerosene rose in Asia on Wednesday, while diesel fell as the fundamental tightening test was carried out between the main engine's platen and the moving beam. Singapore aviation kerosene closed at $90.20 a barrel, up $0.65 from the previous trading day. Diesel oil with a sulfur content of 0.5% was $85.70 per barrel, down 25 cents from the previous trading day. Singapore diesel oil was US $86.00 per barrel in September

weak fundamentals pressured the market, and Asian fuel oil fell. The evaluation price of Singapore benchmark high sulfur fuel oil 180 fell to $317.75 per ton, down $7.25 from the previous trading day, "said James Baker, director of graphene business at the University of Manchester; The assessed price of No. 380 fuel oil fell to $304.50 per ton, down $7.25 from the previous trading day. Singapore 180 fuel oil was US $331.75 per ton of paper goods in September and US $341.75 per ton of paper goods in October

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