Overview of domestic caustic soda market in July a

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Summary of domestic caustic soda market in July and market forecast in August

in July, due to the impact of export tax rebate, the export of downstream flake soda processing industry was restricted; In case of heavy rain in the south, the downstream demand has slowed down, and the weak demand has led to a general decline in the price of caustic soda. Pendulum impact testing machine in the caustic soda market in East China, due to the large number of maintenance enterprises and large export volume, the demand for printing and dyeing began to recover seasonally, and the price stabilized from north to south in late July. The control accuracy of the former in South China often fails to meet the requirements, while the latter is generally used in the constant pressure system, with large power consumption, concentrated in strong printing and dyeing, ceramics and alumina enterprises, and stable demand for caustic soda. However, a large number of caustic soda produced in the North go south, which has a great impact on the local market, and the transaction price of caustic soda has fallen. A new 240000 T/a caustic soda plant was put into operation in North China, intensifying the contradiction between supply and demand. Under the situation of blocked exports, enterprises have increased the promotion efforts in the domestic market, and the prices of various concentrations of liquid caustic soda have been reduced by varying degrees. Affected by the decline in the price of flake soda in the surrounding areas at the beginning of the month, the price of caustic soda fell, and the price tended to stabilize in the latter ten days of the month. The caustic soda market in Southwest China was relatively stable on March 19. The regional characteristics of the liquid caustic soda market were strong, and the mainstream prices of enterprises maintained the previous level. The price of chlor alkali enterprises in Northeast China has been reduced significantly for foreign users, and preferential promotions have been implemented for local core users. The demand for caustic soda in major downstream industries is relatively stable, and the price of caustic soda has been reduced first and then stabilized

at the end of the month, the regional prices of 30% diaphragm liquid caustic soda are: 480 ~ 530 yuan/t in East China, 580 ~ 590 yuan/t in Central China, 570 ~ 600 yuan/t in South China, 600 ~ 620 yuan/t in North China, 530 ~ 560 yuan/t in the Southwest, 460 ~ 480 yuan/t in the northwest and 600 ~ 630 yuan/t in the northeast

aftermarket analysis

when testing the breaking force and elongation at break, it is expected that the output of caustic soda will increase steadily in August, and the price drop will narrow. Main influencing factors: ① some production expansion enterprises will be put into trial operation in August, while few enterprises will stop production and overhaul in summer, and the output of caustic soda has a larger increase than that in July; ② Among domestic downstream enterprises, the demand for caustic soda in aluminum chloride industry has increased, the consumption of caustic soda in flake soda processing has decreased, and changes in other industries are not obvious; ③ After difficult negotiations, many chlor alkali enterprises have gradually narrowed the gap in export quotations, compensated for the losses caused by the adjustment of export tax rebate of caustic soda, restored the export business of caustic soda, and adjusted the balance of supply and demand in the domestic market; ④ The flood in the South caused the downstream demand to shrink, and the diversion channel of excess caustic soda in the North was blocked; ⑤ In East China, where the expansion of production is relatively concentrated, there is room for a slight decline in prices

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