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Overview of carton technology and equipment in 2005 (VI)

make the most of the "value" of the goods, talk about the new technology and equipment in 2005 - a glance at the application of new technologies in carton factories

after taking stock of all the latest technologies in 2005, you must pay more attention to the application of these new technologies in carton factories. Next, the magazine will visit some carton factories in China and ask them about their actual working conditions after the adoption of new technologies and equipment, together with the feedback and clarification from suppliers and relevant experts. Mobilize the forces of the three parties, and let new technologies and new equipment achieve unprecedented "value for money"

although the liquid version shines brightly in the foreign market, the utilization rate of domestic carton manufacturers is not high. At present, there are only two liquid photosensitive resin plate making machines in China. The buyer of one of them is Singapore dada packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., the first carton manufacturer in China to use this equipment

normal> carton factory feedback

normal> in the interview, Da Da packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. designed the national food contact materials inspection (Changzhou) of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine to focus on the implementation of the two blade vertical contact sample laboratory director Shang Guiqin Kechang told: before using the liquid version, the company has been using the traditional solid version. Since July 2003, the plate making equipment produced by Shanghai Changheng Printing Technology Co., Ltd. has been introduced and liquid flexible resin plates have been used. The reason why the liquid version is adopted is that it can save production costs. In addition, it has high requirements in terms of effectiveness. After using the liquid version, the production speed can be significantly improved and a lot of time can be saved

normal> in the process of use, the obvious advantage of the liquid version lies in: on the one hand, the field printing ink passes well. This is because in terms of hardness, the liquid version is softer than the solid version, and the effect is very good in ink transfer, so the effect of field printing is significantly better than the solid version; On the other hand, save time. In the past, it took 6-8 hours to outsource a solid version, while it only took 2-3 hours to make a liquid version by yourself. In addition, after the exposure of the liquid version, the unexposed liquid can be recovered

normal> at the same time, there are differences in personnel operation requirements between making liquid version and making solid version, mainly due to different details. The liquid version requires more staff experience in the specific operation process, so the loss is slightly larger at the beginning. However, with the continuous improvement of workers' proficiency, the loss can be completely mastered

normal> voice of the supplier: plate making work strengthens the ability of employees

normal> in response to the questions raised by Da Da packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Li Jiarong, deputy general manager of the supplier Shanghai Changheng Printing Technology Co., Ltd., said: in the past, the plate making work of the carton factory was outsourced to the plate makers, but now the plate making work is also completed by the staff themselves, and the staff was not proficient enough when it was first used, It is also normal that there are differences in the operation process. But if the carton factory has a professional plate making department, it can be used skillfully in less than a month

normal> in terms of performance, the use of tungsten carbide coating ensures that the corrugating roll has sufficient hardness; The price is basically the same, but in terms of cardboard quality, tungsten carbide corrugating rollers can maintain unity in terms of corrugated height and quality

normal> carton factory feedback

normal> in 2004, after the concept of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers has been popularized, Zhejiang Huangyan Shidai carton factory bought a pair of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers from BHS at the beginning of this year. According to Chen Rong, general manager of times carton factory, the heart of corrugated board production line is single-sided machine, which is not only the first key part affecting the quality of paperboard, but also the key to controlling the cost. The corrugating roller is the core of the single-sided machine, which is the top priority, so choosing the right corrugating roller is a very important problem. At the beginning of 2004, Shidai carton factory purchased imported tungsten carbide tile rollers, which has been used for nearly a year and is far higher than the expected value, and even has the feeling of value for money. Chen Rong said, "in terms of performance, the use of tungsten carbide coating ensures that the corrugating roller has sufficient hardness. With this premise, we can produce corrugation shapes that are conducive to improving the strength of paperboard, without considering that the designed corrugation shapes cannot withstand the friction of core paper." At present, the existing rock shaped ridge in the market and the lip shaped ridge of German BHS company are developed from the simple classification of the original U-type, V-type and UV type, which can make the paper give full play to its maximum physical indicators

normal> in terms of price, 1600 yuan was purchased by times carton factory × 305 imported tungsten carbide is less than 40000 US dollars, which is 2-3 times the domestic price. However, from the perspective of overall service life: the service life of imported tungsten carbide corrugating rollers is 35million meters, while the service life of domestic corrugating rollers is only 8million meters. Then the price of a pair of imported corrugating rollers plus the cost of one repair is equal to the work hardening repair cost of two pairs of domestic corrugating rollers. The price is basically the same, but in terms of paperboard quality, the imported tungsten carbide corrugated rollers can maintain a unified corrugated height and quality, while the domestic corrugated rollers can have good quality paperboard when they are newly purchased or newly reground, but there is a certain amount of processing volume and corrugated is high, which is enough to make TXV aviation composite company waste the shrinkage of core paper and increase costs. After 2 ~ 4 months of operation, the domestic corrugated roller is worn, the corrugated will become low, the quality of paperboard will decline, and finally affect the business development

normal> expert voice: there is a large market for tungsten carbide corrugated rollers


normal> the quality of a piece of cardboard depends on temperature, pressure and glue. The hardness of a piece of cardboard is soft or hard. In addition to the gram weight of the base paper, the biggest correlation is the ridge height and ridge type. Lenggao has national standards and specifications, with little difference. However, from the early U-type, V-type and UV type to the current V-type improved type (that is, there is an extra water drop shaped space on the tip of the ridge, which is conducive to glue and paper saving). The manufacturing technology of corrugated rods has also developed from early plating and soldering, to hardened plating and soldering coating, to tungsten carbide coating, to the latest NT coating. However, tungsten carbide is not widely used in China. The reason is that China is still unable to produce by itself and completely depends on imports. It may take six months to nine months to order or repair at a time. In addition, the import and export procedures are complicated, and the unit price of tile sticks is 2 ~ 3 times that of domestic Duro So that it cannot be popularized However, since the establishment of BHS Shenzhen office, the vigorous promotion of BHS company has gradually opened the market of tungsten carbide corrugated rollers in China

normal> so that the real ability of pultrusion can be shown here: from the perspective of system and tooling investment, why tungsten carbide has such a great charm? Lu Xueli believes that it is related to the following reasons:

normal>l generally, the thickness of soldering coating is about 50 wires

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