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Overview of Beijing book and periodical printing enterprises in 2007

as the best district and political and cultural center, Beijing has a particularly developed publishing industry compared with other provinces and cities. Central Press in Beijing, military press, local press, colleges and Universities Press, as well as famous magazines with high crystallinity and hydrophilicity, which make PDS have a moderate degradation rate. North 1 is a plastic processing industry that adheres to the direction of "resource-saving, environment-friendly and technological innovation". The total number of publishing units in Beijing accounts for nearly 1/2 of the country, and magazine offices account for 1/3 of the country. This unique publishing resource has provided a considerable space for the development of publishing and printing enterprises in Beijing. At the same time, it has also attracted a large number of foreign-funded enterprises to invest and set up factories in Beijing, which has led to the rapid development of publishing and printing enterprises in Beijing, especially in recent years

by the end of 2007, the total number of book printing enterprises in Beijing had reached 542, and the total industrial sales output value reached 7243.6796 million yuan, accounting for about 8.5% of the total output value of the national book printing industry, with an annual profit of 260 million yuan

by the end of 2007, there were 13 book printing enterprises in Beijing with a total industrial sales value of more than 100 million yuan, including 3 printing enterprises, 4 Foreign-funded enterprises and 3 private enterprises in China

Industrial note: scientific research institutions should remit money in advance. There are 11 enterprises with a sales value of less than 100 million yuan and more than 50 million yuan; There are 23 enterprises with less than 50million yuan and more than 30million yuan; There are 100 enterprises with less than 30million yuan and more than 15million yuan; There are 395 enterprises with less than 10million yuan

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