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Hikvision's new product launch of "smart pilot · digital future" was officially opened

on March 16, Hikvision's 2016 new product launch and SDT (security big data technology) forum with the theme of smart collar, which is particularly suitable for high temperature resistant components in automotive, aerospace and industrial applications, and the future of digital future was officially opened. As a security summit event, this event will be held in 221 cities in Chinese Mainland, It lasted for 100 days and attracted 60000 industry elites to participate.

the venues in Beijing and Guangzhou, which are the same starting stations, are full of guests. It is important to avoid attracting both starting stations at the same time when the oil cylinder is actually in a high position to avoid rust. Yibao bright attracted nearly a thousand professional audiences to participate in the meeting. The meeting was full and the atmosphere was warm. At the meeting, Hikvision showed its SDT (security big data technology) A series of technologies, products and industrial application solutions in the field

sdt security big data era has arrived

over the years, China's security industry has maintained a good development trend. With the rapid growth of local video access scale and the increasingly high requirements of video surveillance for high definition, intelligence and connectivity, the amount of data generated every day is growing at an alarming rate. The security industry is moving towards a new era of big data. Data has increasingly become the most valuable resource. How to effectively store, share and apply data has become increasingly important

sdt (security data technology) refers to security big data technology. SDT focuses on the field of security, and its core is video surveillance. Its goals include the attributes and behaviors of people and vehicles in the video, as well as all kinds of sensor information. Using advanced technologies such as video structuring and cloud computing, SDT extracts the structured information of people, vehicles and objects, and carries out in-depth applications based on these data

Hikvision believes that SDT is composed of three layers: sense, knowledge and use. Sense is the basic network, which is composed of multi-dimensional acquisition equipment and the source of big data. Knowledge is the core technology to structure data and prepare for the further application of big data. Use is the goal, analyze and mine the structured data, and finally use it for industry business

sdt security big data, Hikvision interprets new value

as a leading provider of video products and content services, Hikvision is an important driver of the development of the global security industry. In 2012, he creatively put forward the new security concept of IVM (Intelligent Visual Management); In 2013, the concept of hdiy was proposed and customized HD was advocated; In 2014, 4K monitoring system was launched to inject new impetus into IP HD visualization application; In 2015, we will ignite the era of IP and comprehensively promote the popularization of IP; By 2016, announcing the arrival of SDT security big data era, Hikvision will once again stand at the forefront of security reform and practice to promote the development of the industry

in the era of SDT security big data, Hikvision has built around three levels: sense, knowledge and use, bringing brand-new products and solutions

at the sense level, Hikvision focuses on building a series of high-end terminal products, such as eagle eye family, Yuntai family, PTZ family, transportation family, starlight family, thermal imaging family, non video family, to collect data efficiently and comprehensively

at the level of knowledge, Hikvision has brought four cloud storage solutions to complete massive data storage with storage products such as super capacity, super integration and super availability. At the same time, it has launched falcon, blade and Hikvision big data servers to better serve security big data and collect all the data on the cloud and one cabinet through the integrated computer room; Using the new overlord video cloud model of the center, the data is presented on the large hybrid screen of Hikvision's Micro spacing led+ ultra narrow seam LCD

at the level of in use, we will carry out the construction of Da Lian and cloud center around the end, cloud and use, and bring new joint solutions and video cloud applications. Hikvision has built a security big data ecological chain with an open and cooperative attitude. Security big data is widely used in safe cities, intelligent transportation, intelligent medicine, intelligent environmental protection, intelligent buildings, intelligent finance, etc

this tour attracted global partners including Western Digital, Intel, Seagate and so on to participate in the win-win SDT security big data era

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