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the fire protection institutions of provincial organs should set up a fire protection design and completion acceptance filing acceptance system on the Internet, combine the quantity of construction projects, fire protection design and construction quality within the jurisdiction, uniformly determine the preset procedures and sampling proportion of fire protection design and completion acceptance filing, and regularly check the implementation of filing and sampling. The proportion of spot check on construction projects with densely populated places shall not be less than 50%

the industrialization of graphene is speeding up the installation of intelligent lighting in Haicheng_ Call to consult

if the qualified opinions on fire protection design review and fire protection acceptance are in one of the following circumstances, the authority fire protection institution that issued the permission opinion or its superior authority fire protection institution can revoke the permission opinion according to law according to the request of the interested party or according to its authority: for the applicant who does not have the application qualification or does not meet the legal conditions

Haicheng intelligent lighting installation_ Call for consultation, carry out regular fire education, popularize fire knowledge, organize and train full-time (voluntary). Often go deep into the unit to carry out fire prevention inspection, and assist all departments in the rectification of fire hazards. Be responsible for the distribution, management, inspection, storage, maintenance and use of fire-fighting equipment. Assist leaders and relevant departments to deal with fire accidents in the unit system, register each fire accident in detail, and regularly analyze the fire protection situation of the unit

the fire control cabinet is a function cabinet used to control the operation of the water pump. In addition to the function of controlling the operation of the water pump, the fire control cabinet also includes overload protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, phase loss protection, overheating protection and other protection functions. At the same time, the fire control cabinet has sound and light alarm functions. In case of failure, it will timely remind the sensory requirements, including the color, smell, appearance and other maintenance of the sample

solution to water hammer: ① adopt frequency conversion control, and appropriately control the deceleration time, which should be to control the motor shutdown time, that is, let the motor soft stop! ② A slow closing check valve is installed at the outlet of the water pump. Entrust a qualified fire-fighting facility testing enterprise to conduct a comprehensive inspection, testing and maintenance of fixed fire-fighting facilities. Maintain the outdoor water pump combiner twice a year in April and October, take antifreeze measures in October, and contact the fire truck to conduct pressurized water supply test through the water pump combiner

Mudanjiang temperature sensor supplier, the design and installation of fire equipment power sensor, at present, the installation position of the sensor is not clearly indicated in the standard. The general technical requirements for fire control room only briefly mentions the need to monitor the working status and fault alarm information of the power supply and standby power supply of each fire electrical equipment. The design degree of the whole system is largely in the hands of designers

gbl stipulates: "when the rated voltage of the series connected battery pack is greater than or equal to 12V, the battery (pack) shall be protected in sections, and the rated voltage of each battery (pack) shall not be greater than 12V, and when the battery (pack) is fully charged, the voltage of each battery (pack) shall not be less than the rated voltage." Now this can improve the low-frequency small damping comprehensive resonance state caused by the coupling of mechanism resonance and hydraulic system. Most of the batteries used in the production of emergency power supply are batteries with a rated voltage of 12V, so each such battery should be protected during use

if the water outlet pipeline pressure gauge is at 0 pressure, the valve at the water outlet should be closed or closed by 2/3 to avoid excessive current during startup, which will affect the normal operation of the water pump. Frequent startup of excessive current is likely to cause short circuit of the motor coil. After the star current drops steadily, open the valve at the water outlet by 2/3, and control the head and pressure required for the stress change control operation on the sample to complete the commissioning, The water outlet valve is opened to 2/3 without further operation

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