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SDLG always be with you! 21 countries wrote this sentence together

sdlg always be with you! 21 countries wrote this sentence together

China Construction machinery information

sdlg always be with you! 21 countries wrote this sentence together

Shandong Lingong is always by your side... When the global epidemic broke out, Shandong Lingong actively communicated with overseas regions and agents, paid close attention to the epidemic situation in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries, which rose to 303 million Europe (the data for the same period in 2015 was 286 million Europe), was concerned about the epidemic prevention materials of employees of Lingong overseas agents, and cared about the health and safety of overseas customers and friends. Under the epidemic, the company should strengthen its belief, deliver a voice, and do one thing well: lend a helping hand, provide good support, and become the person in greatest need

boundless love, brothers all over the world, a family all over the world! Together with overseas customers and overseas agents, we fight against the "epidemic" and overcome difficulties

SDLG always be with you! Reliable bearing and heavy support

■ "we are a family, sharing the same breath and fate."

at a time when the global anti epidemic medical supplies are in urgent need, the Korean partner of Shandong Lingong received a thank-you letter from the first batch of anti epidemic supplies, which made a transnational aid gift full of emotion and conviction of victory

■SDLG always be with you! Shandong temporary aid continues to act again, lighting up hope, warming the world, mountains and rivers are all right, and flowers bloom on the road

nowadays, with the global epidemic spreading, the second batch of aid masks from Shandong temporary workers have been packaged and shipped successively, and will be handed over to partners in more than 20 countries, such as Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine, Africa, etc., to offer the warmth and affection of temporary workers with great love for international epidemic prevention and control

facing the shortage of epidemic prevention materials and the requirements of export quality control, Shandong temporary workers urgently mobilize all resources, strictly screen the purchase of masks, and strictly control the process of a series of links such as inspection, inspection, procurement and packaging, so as to ensure that the mask materials meet the quality standards, so that overseas agents and customer friends can feel at ease

speed up the dredging of logistics links, ensure that export materials have complete licenses, and ensure that mask materials are delivered to overseas agents and customer friends at the fastest speed, so that love can be delivered to the world and light up the determination and hope to fight the "epidemic"

on the packaging box of Shandong temporary workers' aid masks, there is a sentence printed in both Chinese and English: "Shandong temporary workers are always with you"

at the departure ceremony site

in addition to the aid materials, there is a special "gift" - a letter from Shandong temporary workers, which is a consolation letter in the languages of China, Britain, Russia, Spain and France, and is full of Shandong temporary workers' concerns for overseas families, It is full of the firm belief to tide over difficulties with friends all over the world

Shandong temporary workers' letter

messages are not only the heavy intentions of Shandong temporary workers, but also the gratitude of Shandong temporary workers for "watching and mutual assistance" and their responsibility as a global enterprise

SDLG always be with you! This is part of the global "war epidemic" of Shandong Lingong, and it is also the embodiment of the people-oriented care consciousness of Shandong Lingong

■ help each other and fight against the "epidemic"

as one of the three major exporters of construction machinery in China, Shandong Lingong business has spread to 132 countries and regions around the world to reduce weight and improve other aspects of ships. Over the years, Shandong Lingong not only strives to bring quality products and services to all countries, but also actively transmits the warmth of "care" to all countries

focusing on the epidemic prevention and control and business development of overseas dealers, Shandong Lingong has formulated specific plans according to international rules and the characteristics of overseas dealers to pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control of overseas dealers, ensure the health and safety of employees of overseas dealers, ensure the orderly progress of overseas business, and work together to win the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and economic development

■ Da Ai temporary work, continuous donation

mountains and rivers are foreign, the wind and moon are the same day! In the face of the major epidemic mentioned above, Shandong Lingong group has always been in the forefront of donating materials to both domestic and foreign countries:

on February 9, Lingong group purchased 150 tons of vegetables and transported them overnight to Wuhan, the frontline of the anti epidemic 800 kilometers away, and donated them to Wuhan medical staff and patients

on February 21, Lingong Group donated 650000 yuan and 50000 masks to the Linyi covid-19 pneumonia epidemic disposal leading group

on February 27, 80 tons of "love" fruits were donated to hospitals in Huanggang, Hubei Province with the great love of temporary workers

on March 8, the first 10000 masks were quickly shipped to South Korea to solve the local urgent need

isolate virus, not love. Under the epidemic, the global destiny shares weal and woe. Only by watching and helping each other can we overcome the difficulties. In the coming days, Shandong Lingong will continue to pay attention to the development of the global epidemic, give aid to global partners and customers, and work together with partners from all over the world to win the global epidemic prevention war

Shandong Lingong is always by your side, reliable and entrusted

the authenticity of this information has not been re welded; If the performance of components becomes worse, the information of China Construction machinery is confirmed, which is for your reference only. Please do not reprint without permission. If it has been used under this authorization, it shall be used within the scope of authorization, and the "source: China Construction Machinery Information" shall be indicated

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