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Jiaolongnong spring tide at sea

no one knows that the 4210 factory was mentioned in Langfang, It is already Langfang ink "> there is a beautiful and wonderful flower in the printing garden. When people appreciate its beauty and enjoy its fragrance, they don't know much about the director Chen Jianzhong who has paid his youth and wisdom for it. With questions and respect for director Chen, at 9 a.m. on August 8, 2006, they approached the 4210 factory and had a brief and pleasant interview with Director Chen.

the sea nurtures Jiaolong's life.

during the conversation, they learned that director Chen participated at the age of 16 He has worked for 36 years now. For more than 30 years, director Chen has never left the printing industry or the 4210 factory. The factory nurtured him, and he brought the factory to the tide of healthy development. He once worked as a draftsman, a statistician, a salesman, and a dispatcher; In 1988, he was transferred to the production section as deputy section chief and section chief; Served as deputy director of production in 1989; He served as factory director in 1990. At that time, he was the youngest factory director in the Navy enterprise

Chen Jianzhong's life destiny has been closely integrated with the 4210 factory. All his efforts have been devoted to how the factory develops and expands and how to improve the living standards of employees. He is a soldier who does not wear military clothes to ensure the heat dissipation of electromechanical work. Every reform and development of the factory is like a battle. It is director Chen's work style to dare to fight and win

the 4210 factory of the Chinese people's Liberation Army was founded in 1950, also known as Langfang chart printing factory, which is subordinate to the Chinese people's Navy headquarters. Now it has a development history of more than half a century. In 1991, the major decision of the State Council on the third line strategic transfer was implemented. After the investment promotion and construction project of Langfang municipal government, it was moved from Houma, Shanxi Province to Langfang, Hebei Province in May 1995. Coming from the mountains, it was suddenly thrown into the tide of market economy from planned economy. After eleven years of trial and error, exploration and practice, it gradually conforms to the market law and gradually forms a management mode suitable for the development of the enterprise. The factory has 76 million yuan of fixed assets and 450 employees. In 2005, it achieved a sales revenue of 46 million yuan and paid 2.3 million yuan of profits and taxes

as the saying goes, without casual success, the development of anything is not plain sailing. It experienced the pain of change, but also enjoyed the joy of success. Under the background of state-owned system transformation and bankruptcy, Chen Jianzhong led his team to break through difficulties one after another, becoming a rare successful example of state-owned enterprise reform in the military system. Enterprises are growing in competition, and managers are also growing slowly in the wind and rain

abandon the mountains to find treasure and rush into the market with customers behind their backs

when the planned economy is dominant, enterprises only produce military products, and there are no market problems. However, after the reform and opening up, the factory gradually felt the inconvenience caused by the information blockage and traffic lag. In 1986, due to the impact of the relocation of some employees to Tanggu and the fine editing of the army, the production and life encountered an impact. Relying on the policy preference and the care of the army leaders, it persisted for several years; Until the early 1990s, the State Council and the Central Military Commission implemented the document of the third line strategic transfer. Considering the role of the factory in national defense construction, it did not meet the conditions for overall relocation, so it had to find another way to open windows, set up offices in Beijing and other places, and try every means to transport paper from Beijing to Houma after living, and then send the finished products back to Beijing after printing. Usually, there is almost no profit after a circle; Later, with the approval of the Ministry of aviation security and the Navy press, Langfang, Hebei Province, was selected to set up a project to build a new plant

director Chen said that there were two considerations when choosing Langfang. One was the children of employees. At that time, there was a local saying that printers and printers offered their youth to their descendants. For the better growth of children in the future, of course, it is also for the development of enterprises. The second is to provide a good living environment for retired workers. When I first moved into Langfang market, it was hard to think of the fierce competition in the printing market. The factory was short of funds and no market. People were under heavy pressure, like a stone, on the heart of factory director Chen Jianzhong. Where is the way out for the factory? Chen Jianzhong, the factory director, fell into deep thought with the cadres and workers. It is agreed that we should offer good services to customers and establish a good reputation in the hearts of customers. At that time, there was a dirt road in front of the factory. Every time it was windy and rainy, the road was muddy and difficult to walk. Once a Beijing customer came to the factory to print, and was blocked by the heavy rain in Guangyang. Not only did he turn waste into treasure, but he was carried into the factory by the employees. A friend in Beijing was moved and said on the spot: I will come to our factory to do whatever work is big or small in the future. Another time, the bearing of the car feeding paper broke in the rain road. The male workers of the whole factory, regardless of age and position, carried it by one person or two people. It was a bag of five or six reams of paper. They were stunned to carry a load of paper into the warehouse. It is these small things one by one, such a group of amiable, lovely and respectable employees. With the business philosophy that you give me trust and I give you satisfaction, and with everyone's persistent pursuit of common goals, the enterprise has grown steadily, healthily and rapidly

diversification and intensification conform to the market for development

the relocation of the factory coincides with the development period of the printing industry in Langfang area. There is a great shortage of technicians, and the wage level of the enterprise is not small compared with that in this region. Some technicians and even professional managers seek a second career in their spare time. These problems directly affect the survival and development of the enterprise. Chen Jianzhong and his management have repeatedly discussed, I want to seek a reform road that conforms to the actual situation of the factory. At that time, the third industry printing factory of the local power supply bureau took the initiative to request cooperation with the factory because of poor management and lack of professional and technical strength. This was the opportunity to establish a pilot management reform. For this, the factory proposed a cooperative method of comprehensive cooperation, independent operation and payment of rental fees, which was welcomed by Fang. After nearly a year of attempts, remarkable results have been achieved, which has strengthened the factory's determination to reform

in 1998, the factory complied with the requirements of the market economy, comprehensively promoted the production units and equivalent functional departments that have the conditions for independent operation and independent accounting to each kind of independent R & D market, implemented the operation mode of separate operation, separate accounting and self financing, and clarified the asset relationship to form a secondary legal entity through the division of internal assets

due to the rapid development of the printing industry in Langfang area, the increasing competition between private and private enterprises, and the diversified management mode, it is difficult to concentrate various resource advantages, so it is difficult to meet the challenges of the market to us. Therefore, the factory integrates the existing resources, implements resource sharing, realizes the unified coordination of production plans, the unified allocation of personnel, and establishes an efficient and fast management mechanism to meet the market demand. On the basis of summarizing practical experience, an all-round objective management and assessment method is established, which is mainly reflected in: one change, two guarantees, three unification and four assessment. The first change refers to the reform of the wage system, in which the salesperson calculates and withdraws the salary and various marketing expenses according to the volume of business undertaken and the amount of money collected, the main posts in the production front line implement the piece rate wage linked to production, and the management implements the post wage and performance wage. The post wage system has been implemented for all posts in the factory. The second package refers to the sales index of the business department and the annual output index of the production department. Three systems refers to the unified use of factory funds, unified quality management and unified financial accounting. IV. assessment refers to the monthly assessment of construction period, quality, cost and customer satisfaction, which is linked to wages

facts have proved that the bold reform of factory director Chen Jianzhong and the factory leadership has been successful again. The integration of resources has laid a good foundation for the sustainable development of the factory

pay attention to management, evaluate performance, and innovate in honest management.

with the expansion of enterprise scale and the sharp increase of business volume, management is facing great pressure. In order to deal with the rapidly changing market environment more systematically and solidly. In 2003, the factory passed the ISO quality system certification. A rational, active and all-round control process was introduced into all production and operation links of the enterprise in the form of documentation, vigorously advocating quality awareness, and implementing quality management training and evaluation for employees one by one, which greatly improved the management quality and level of employees, and the reputation and market competitiveness of product management were also improved. The factory also introduced the 5S management system into production, using 5S management to drive the overall atmosphere of the enterprise, mobilized the employees' sense of participation and maturity, and presented the brand-new spirit of the enterprise in front of the majority of employees and customers. Through computer network management, information work can reflect the production and operation status of each process of the enterprise in real time and dynamically, and can find problems in time and adjust production management methods. Improve the management system, establish a power system based on business processes, and continue to strengthen the incentive and restraint mechanism based on performance management and performance evaluation. On the basis of performance evaluation, the employment system of the enterprise has been improved

Chen Jianzhong believes that if enterprises want to adhere to honesty and trustworthiness and take the road of innovation and development, they must carry out innovation from the aspects of concept, technology, management and mechanism, because only in this way can they promote the progress of technology, management and mechanism, establish a good innovation mechanism, build an excellent innovation team, and promote the research and development of new technologies and processes. Market operation is changing rapidly, and market competition also contains infinite business opportunities. Ideas determine the way out, innovation creates miracles. As long as differences can be found in development, honest management will always be favored by the market

According to the modern enterprise management philosophy, people are the foundation of enterprise development, and the real God of the enterprise is the vast number of employees. As the main body of the enterprise, the vast number of employees are not only the creators of the enterprise's material culture, but also the shapers of the enterprise's spiritual culture. Whether they can maximize the main role of employees in the enterprise is directly related to the success or failure of enterprise construction and development. Director Chen said that if the enterprise wants to develop healthily and steadily, it must have an excellent team and a solid management. Therefore, the factory adheres to the concept of humanism in the construction of enterprise culture, takes people as the starting point and destination of management, and strengthens and consolidates the people's project. Only in this way can it lay a solid foundation for the construction and in-depth development of enterprise culture

the employees spontaneously organized photography interest groups, red and white Council and other groups, and seven people successively joined the Hebei Photographers Association. The factory will arrange a period of time every year to let photographers go out for fun and experience life. As a farsighted manager, Chen Jianzhong realized that paying attention to talent training is an important link for enterprises to maintain competitive advantage. The enterprise employs experienced 4. Polysulfone has passed the relevant specification experts in the field of American medicine and food to come to the factory to give lectures and conduct targeted business training. Director Chen believes that people will be considerate. The training improves the working ability of employees and also enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise. Enterprises also build dormitory buildings and other welfare measures for employees to improve their lives. The factory firmly adheres to the purpose of people-oriented, cares about employees, solves problems for employees, and constantly instills enterprise values into all employees, so that employees can voluntarily integrate into learning and promoting enterprise culture, providing internal driving force for enterprise development

in order to create employment opportunities for young people, factory director chenjianzhong and the factory leadership decided to give retired workers every

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