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Haijiao group, together with China Aviation Development Aviation Materials Institute, jointly established a joint laboratory of special natural rubber

Haijiao Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Aviation Materials Research Institute of China Aviation Development in Haikou

on the morning of November 13, Haijiao Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute of China Aviation Development in Haikou, announcing the establishment of a joint laboratory of special natural rubber and the unveiling of the laboratory on the spot. In the next step, the two sides will share research resources including technology, equipment and personnel in order to effectively promote the industrial strong foundation engineering cooperation project, give full play to the advantages of both sides, take natural rubber as the substrate, research and develop functional special natural rubber material technology through chemical and physical modification, and develop special functional special natural rubber and derivative series products for aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, high-speed rail, etc

meanwhile, The two sides will also jointly promote the memorandum of understanding between Hainan State Administration of agricultural reclamation (Hainan Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.) and the Malaysian Rubber Bureau on the new breakthrough technology and rubber cutting automation technology and commercial cooperation between rubber asphalt road Zhongwang in the research and development of all aluminum new energy passenger cars in item 15 of the joint statement of the government of the people's Republic of China and the government of Malaysia Application of medium rubber asphalt pavement technology in the road construction of Beijing Winter Olympic Games

according to the index of AVIC Beijing airlines, the air materials research institute is a comprehensive materials research institution and the largest Materials Engineering Research Center for aviation, which is subordinate to China Aero Engine Group Co., Ltd. (1) industry production and operation overall safety company. It undertakes a large number of national key scientific research projects and military and civil dual-use technology research and development projects

Wang renfei, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Haijiao group, introduced that Haijiao group, founded in 2005, is a large comprehensive enterprise group integrating natural rubber research and development, planting, processing, sales, trade, finance, warehousing, logistics, e-commerce and modern agriculture. The joint establishment of a special natural rubber materials laboratory marks the sincere cooperation between the two sides with complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win results; It marks the seamless connection between the development and application of China's aviation technology and China's optimal production and supply of natural rubber; It marks that the two sides will jointly develop and build world-class Chinese aviation materials, aviation series products and aviation brands. At the same time, the Joint Laboratory of special natural rubber materials will also undertake major national, provincial and municipal projects, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and provide social practice places for college students of related majors in combination with the national strategic needs. The cooperation and implementation of these scientific research projects will help improve the scientific research management and the transformation and application level of scientific and technological achievements of Haijiao group; It is conducive to improving the product diversity and internal added value of Haijiao group; It is conducive to enhancing the brand influence and international competitiveness of Haijiao group

on the same day, the relevant heads of the China Aviation Development and materials Institute, the relevant departments of the headquarters of Haijiao group and its subsidiaries attended the unveiling ceremony and visited the Hainan Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Museum

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