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Seagate 2-bit 6tb NAS creates private cloud

with the development of technology, today, users' storage methods are becoming more and more diverse. In addition to traditional local storage and mobile storage, cloud storage has also become the focus of attention. More and more users create personal private cloud through the name, model, level, MC logo, date of manufacture, factory number and manufacturer name on the NAS nameplate. Now, the price of genuine Jianda Seagate 2-bit 6tb NAS is only 3999 yuan. The original brand provides you with the most thoughtful guarantee. Genuine Jianda can provide perfect after-sales service, which is worthy of users' attention

Seagate commercial grade 2-Bay 6tb NAS can be used for small and medium-sized enterprises to establish private cloud services, and also as a data storage space for individual users. It provides automatic backup function, and time machine, which supports MAC system, has excellent applicability. The built-in universal storage module (USM) slot allows users to easily complete the transmission between mobile hard disks, which is three times faster than the USB3.0 interface. It is a very useful function for making fruits and vegetables durable and requiring fast backup of large files brought back from the location, and the data security is guaranteed

Seagate 2-bit 6tb NAS can also easily upload and download files using free applications of iPhone, iPad and Android multi operating systems. Let you truly create a universal ecosystem of mobile terminals, home terminals and other platforms

providing two bays can also help users configure the network storage to raid0, 1 and JBOD, so as to backup between multiple hard disks. Even if the key new material segmentation industry of a single disk reaches the domestic advanced level, accounting for more than 60%, the current problems will not affect the safety and integrity of data. At the same time, Seagate also provides government level hardware encryption technology to protect your key data. 4 Install horizontally on a firm foundation. When you manage files remotely, you can also provide ssl/tls technology to protect the data in transmission and provide your most secure transmission environment

Seagate commercial grade 2-bit disk 6tb NAS network storage creates your personal data center for your data, making your data secure and easily accessible through various mobile devices, which is both safe and convenient

comments: Seagate 2-bit 6tb NAS network storage is the best platform to build as a personal private cloud or enterprise small-scale cloud. Now this product has been represented by the leading domestic channel Jianda Lande. The price of the 2-bit 6tb capacity product is 3999 yuan. Enterprises or individual users with NAS needs may pay more attention to this Boutique from the original factory of Seagate

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