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Haiyan actively undertakes Shanghai's intellectual resources and injects new momentum into the transformation of traditional industries

the fastener industry is the traditional leading industry of our county, and its annual output value accounts for more than 10% of the country. However, at the current stage of high-quality economic development, it has become an urgent need to realize the high-end, intelligent and green industry. Our county seizes the historical opportunity of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta rising to the national strategy, and actively introduces the intellectual resources of Shanghai colleges and universities, Inject new momentum into the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the start of the second take-off. Recently, it was learned from the Organization Department of the county Party committee that at present, the fastener industry of the county has trained two experts in the "ten thousand plan" of Zhejiang Province, undertaken 89 innovation projects above the municipal level, applied for 917 patents, and successfully applied for inclusion in the provincial industrial innovation service complex in conjunction with Shanghai University

at the end of last year, our county seized the opportunity of establishing strategic cooperation between Shanghai University and Jiaxing, and took the initiative to visit Shanghai University to meet the cooperation needs of both sides. In particular, Shanghai university learned that our county has an urgent need for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional fastener industry, and in this field, the research on this university is also in the application field of high-strength plastic peek. Material suppliers and 3D printing equipment are summarized in the leading position in the country, The two sides immediately signed a contract to build an innovation platform for Haiyan fastener industry. The platform has many functions, such as achievement transformation, technical consultation, talent introduction, project incubation, etc. the school is personally led by the party secretary of the school of materials. Three professors are resident in Haiyan, and our county provides funds, sites, personnel and other resources

on this basis, our county has further cooperation with Shanghai University to jointly build Haiyan fastener industry innovation service complex, inject high-quality scientific research resources of Shanghai University into it, and promote the in-depth integration of university administration cooperation. At present, the complex has been selected as a provincial industrial complex, and the provincial finance has given a construction support fund of 10million yuan, laying a solid foundation for the next step to improve industrial service capacity

in order to promote industrial development and upgrading, our county also actively cooperated with Shanghai Jiaotong University and other universities to hold the China Fastener Industry Technology Summit Forum. More than 10 international and domestic industry experts came to Haiyan to give advice on the next step of industrial development, and more than 100 enterprises participated in the discussion to improve the technical level. In addition, the county has also accelerated the construction of industry think tanks, established the expert committee of fastener industry technology innovation alliance, signed strategic cooperation agreements with Zhejiang fastener industry association and fastener industry technology alliance, and promoted enterprises in the county to actively participate in the formulation of industry development direction. In terms of strengthening the training of talents in the industry, Haiyan and Shanghai University, Siegen University of Germany and Zwick Instrument Co., Ltd. jointly build the Sino German Institute of fastening technology, introduce Germany's advanced education and training concepts and technological development trends, and carry out non academic education for enterprise senior management and technical backbones in terms of our company's business processes, so as to improve the number of high-end talent resources in the industry

talent is the first resource and innovation is the first driving force. In order to further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, our county actively encourages enterprises to participate in the formulation of industry standards and take the initiative in the future development of the industry. Led by Shanghai University, the county's leading fastener enterprises such as Zhejiang United Nations inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Yuxing nut participated in the formulation of national standards such as steel standards for fasteners. At the same time, universities and enterprises are encouraged to build a research platform. Shanghai University and Zhejiang National Inspection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd. jointly establish a national new material testing and Analysis Center, which uses the laboratory resources of Shanghai University to improve the testing level of the company and strengthen the leading level of fastener testing in the industry

in addition, our county pays special attention to strengthening industry university research cooperation, and establishes "1+x" technology transfer workstations with universities such as Shanghai University. After the county science and technology bureau collects the technical needs of relevant enterprises, the University sends professors and experts to visit our county enterprises on the spot, puts forward relevant solutions, and helps enterprises solve technical problems. At present, 58 industry university research cooperation projects have been transformed, accounting for 49.1% of all industry university research project transformation projects in the county. The grade of fasteners in our county has also been continuously improved, and has been applied to many high-speed railways such as Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou and Lanzhou Xinjiang, and has entered the aerospace fastener supporting field according to the specific situation of the inspection object, inspection content and work progress

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