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SDN will trigger the next revolution of Internet

on December 6, 2012, the 2012 China SDN and open network summit with the theme of the evolution of the future network was grandly held in Beijing. This summit was strongly supported by the international organization onf (open network foundation). Dr. Justin joubine dustzadeh addressed the conference and delivered a keynote speech on behalf of onf, pointing out that SDN, a disruptive technology, will have a revolutionary impact on the future network. The conference was hosted by the SDN and open network professional committee of the next generation Internet industry alliance. Yang Zemin, vice president and Secretary General of China Communications Standardization Association, Xu Jian, deputy director of the industry department of the administrative committee of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, and Liu Dong, President of the Organizing Committee of the conference, attended the summit and delivered a speech. More than 500 operators, equipment manufacturers, industry experts and scholars at home and abroad also attended the conference to discuss SDN, open network and other related hot spots

At the meeting, Jiang Lintao, director of the science and Technology Commission of the Telecommunications Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, delivered a keynote speech entitled "new trends in the development of Internet technology". He pointed out that with the widespread use of cloud computing technology and virtualization, the IT world continues to accelerate its development. The most urgent problem facing China is how to solve the problem of next-generation Internet. However, through research, it is found that SDN can substantially improve network performance, and it has great market potential in China

at the same time, one of the biggest highlights of this summit, the three major domestic operator research institutions gathered at this SDN and open network summit. Zhaohuiling, vice president of Chinatelecom Beijing Research Institute, duanxiaodong, director of the Network Research Institute of China Mobile Communications Research Institute, and tangxiong Yandu, deputy chief engineer of China Unicom Research Institute, delivered a wonderful keynote speech at the meeting. They conducted in-depth discussions on SDN and network virtualization technologies that affect the next generation of Internet infrastructure, and looked forward to sdn and other new generation of Internet technologies that can solve problems related to the further expansion of existing network infrastructure, At the same time, SDN and other technologies are studied to provide better services for large data centers

this summit plans and promotes innovation from a global perspective, deeply discusses SDN, a key next-generation interconnection technology, and promotes future interconnection technology innovation. At the meeting, Professor wuchunming of Zhejiang University explained the development process and research practice of international SDN technology and China's innovative network technology. Professor Bi Jun of Tsinghua University described how to use the developed network technology to better support the new network architecture or new protocol. Red hat, xne or zero point position often changes. Well-known enterprises at home and abroad such as t, Huawei, ZTE, green network, shengkeluo, digital China, ruijieluo and so on then re calibrate the sensor to work normally. YedU explained in detail its latest network equipment and solutions based on SDN technology at the meeting. Tencent, Sina and other top Internet companies also shared their research and attempts at SDN software to the audience at the meeting. SDN has gradually become one of the most eye-catching technological trends in the ICT field, and the industrial pattern of the network is bound to change in the future

as China's first high-level and large-scale SDN and open network exchange event, the 2012 China SDN and open network summit lasted for one day. In addition to the keynote speech, two elite forums including representatives of NEC, Ericsson and other international enterprises were held at the same time, which fully expounded and exchanged their implementation in the field of SDN and open network. Tsinghua University, Huawei, xnet, green network and other enterprises also showed mature products and solutions based on SDN technology to the audience and media

it was also learned at the meeting that at present, SDN related technologies have been highly valued by China's relevant governments and industries. The Ministry of science and technology has launched a special national support plan; Zhongguancun has also made preliminary achievements in the research and industrialization of related technologies. At the double experimental space meeting, Zhongguancun next generation Internet industry alliance officially announced the establishment of the SDN and open network professional committee. The member units of the special committee said at the scene that they would explore practical problems, accelerate independent innovation, launch application achievements, and jointly promote the development of SDN and open network related technologies in China with the strong support of relevant ministries and commissions at a low frequency of 2Hz for about 10 minutes

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