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Hikvision released a new generation of SDI HD digital interrogator

cti Forum (CT automatically stops iForum) on May 14 (Li Wenjie): Recently, Hikvision released a new generation of SDI HD digital interrogator, the model is ds-8104shfh (L) -st series. A new era of interrogation Digital HD has been opened

it is understood that the interrogation host is a special equipment for synchronous recording and video recording designed according to the requirements of the public security, procuratorial and judicial departments for a fair trial and the whole process of recording the interrogation process in the process of interrogation and law enforcement. Hikvision refers to ga/t "technical requirements for digital interrogation (interrogation) recording system", which is specially designed for the special needs of the interrogation system of the public security and judicial departments. The embedded software and hardware system separated from PC platform and the evidence level interrogation synchronous double optical drive data self compression direct lithography technology are adopted, which has rich functions, excellent performance, convenient and fast operation, and stable and reliable operation

this series of hard disk video recorders have the following characteristics:

HD input: it supports 4 channels of HD-SDI HD digital signal input and 1 channel of HD network signal input

high definition display: it supports its own 7-inch LCD touch screen. It is difficult to judge whether the last one is more than half a root. The control operation is flexible and the display effect is clear

HD recording: it supports Blu ray disc (BD-R) recording, and can record HD data for a long time. Standard DVD drive is equipped as standard, and dvd+r/dvd-r discs are supported

information superposition: support and continuously increase the connection of temperature and humidity display screens and real-time superposition of temperature and humidity information based on Hikvision, and the construction of radium color, Youli, Yongkong, Cuan, wienasda and other protocols in two phases. Support the setting of temperature and humidity superposition position. It supports the superposition of header and trailer information at the beginning and end of interrogation. Users can choose to turn on or off the superposition according to their actual needs

mix synthesis: support picture in picture channel, support audio mix synthesis function, and support 4-channel mixing at most. Adopt high sampling rate to truly restore the sound of the interrogation scene

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