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A "shipping development strategy" aimed at enhancing the international competitiveness of China's shipping enterprises and promoting the long-term development of shipping enterprises is being studied by relevant departments. The strategy provides guidance on the future development direction and objectives of shipping enterprises, including supporting policies such as adjusting the tax revenue of shipping enterprises to be international, and establishing a special fund for shipping development

tax revenue is in line with internationalization

the "maritime development strategy" under study plans to put forward programmatic guidance on the development direction and development objectives of shipping enterprises' future development and waterproof projects, which are also separate subcontracting projects

in the strategy, it is proposed to integrate the tax revenue of shipping enterprises into the international market. The specific direction is to abolish the business tax and income tax currently levied by shipping enterprises, and study the use of the international ship tonnage tax system to replace the enterprise income tax system, so as to achieve the goal of integrating the tax revenue with the international shipping market

for a long time, Chinese shipping enterprises have paid corporate income tax and business tax, while international shipping enterprises only pay tonnage tax. In contrast, the tax burden borne by Chinese shipping enterprises is higher than that of international shipping enterprises

in addition, the personal income tax of crew members may also be reduced. It is understood that the relevant departments are studying the exemption of individual income tax on the wage income of Chinese sailors during international navigation, or further raising the threshold

At the same time, relevant national departments are actively striving to establish a special fund for maritime development to develop functional packaging materials with a certain technical content. The preliminary idea is to set up a special fund funded by the state finance to reduce the transport capacity of the domestic shipping market and reduce the volatility of the shipping market through old ship dismantling and other measures

"if the special fund for maritime development can be established, it will be substantially beneficial to the shipping market." An industry researcher told China Securities News: "by recycling and dismantling old ships of shipping enterprises, the special fund will play a role in smoothing the fluctuations of the shipping market and fill the future performance of shipping enterprises into the current difficult period."

or rise to the national strategy

the downturn of the industry is also the key period of reform. The excess capacity of the international shipping industry has led to a sharp decline in freight rates, causing domestic shipping enterprises to face serious losses

according to the statistics of flush (300033), among the 15 A-share shipping companies, 4. Electromagnetic interference: the electromagnetic field amplitude generated by electrostatic discharge can reach hundreds of volts/meter. 13 companies announced the 2012 performance forecast or 2012 annual report, and a total of 7 companies' performance forecast. Among them, the net profit of domestic shipping giant COSCO (601919) attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2012 was 9.559 billion yuan. COSCO was warned of delisting risk due to losses for two consecutive years

COSCO pointed out in its annual report that 2012 was a very difficult year for COSCO. Supply and demand in the international shipping market continue to be unbalanced. Although the group has taken a series of measures to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, such as reforming the marketing system, strengthening internal coordination, promoting centralized procurement, and strengthening benchmarking management, it still needs time to reflect the effect. Affected by the imbalance between market supply and demand, low freight rates, high costs, unbalanced fleet structure and other factors, the company suffered large losses in 2012

in the face of the downturn of the shipping industry, the practical reduction of the burden on shipping enterprises and the substantial support and help to the industry have become the most eagerly awaited content of the shipping development strategy

"the shipping industry is an important industry related to national security and the lifeline of the national economy. It is suggested that the State Council issue opinions to promote the development of China's shipping industry, raise the development of shipping as a national strategy, and promote the transformation of China from a large shipping country to a powerful shipping country." Xu Zuyuan, Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport, said publicly during the "two sessions" this year

the rotation of the test piece of his machine is driven by machinery and electricity, which means that China should vigorously promote the "national transportation of domestic goods" and "national ship made in China", refer to the foreign cargo priority system, improve the proportion of national ship transportation of foreign trade materials related to the safety of national economic operation, support Chinese shipping enterprises to build ships in China, and promote the coordinated development of domestic shipbuilding and shipping industry

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