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New sample of Sino foreign joint venture: Delixi and Schneider fall in love with sheep when wolves editor's note: Schneider and Delixi Group join hands to enter the studio of CCTV dialogue and tell the story of wolves falling in love with sheep

Schneider group, a fortune 500 company from France, and Delixi Group, a private enterprise in Wenzhou, China, entered the studio of dialogue together with their joint venture experience over the past few years. There is a great imbalance between them in terms of strength, scale and experience; From the joint venture negotiation to the early integration of the joint venture so far, and then to the close cooperation in the later stage, there are twists and turns everywhere; In the conflict between different cultural backgrounds and different business styles, the two sides continue to run in and communicate, find common interests, compromise with each other but adhere to the process is a difficult road. How does this Sino foreign joint venture go? Delixi and Schneider will tell their story in detail

the chairman of the board of directors of Delixi said frankly: the relationship with Schneider is actually no fight or acquaintance.

today's Schneider and Delixi seem to be a close couple, but if you look back on the history of these two companies, they used to be rivals in the business war. In 2002, Schneider and Delixi filed a lawsuit, involving the field of low-voltage electrical appliances in which they will cooperate in the future

host Chen Weihong: "you just mentioned that you had a lawsuit before. For Mr. Hu, this lawsuit will certainly deepen your understanding of his wolf nature."

Hu Chengzhong: "Yes. I remember that I received a notice from the court in 2002, the French court. That year, I remember that it was our import and export company that exhibited in France, but there was no sales. Schneider also sealed the samples of our products through the French court, sued for infringement, and so on. In fact, we only showed there, and did not sell anything in France. Of course, Schneider does not necessarily win this lawsuit, and Delixi loses. I also When I went to Schneider headquarters in France, I met the current president, who may have been the second in command. I suggested that it's best not to bring this lawsuit. "

host Chen Weihong: "what's his reaction?"

Hu Chengzhong: "We think it's still cooperation. I think if we say that China's low-voltage electrical appliances cake is also relatively large, the relationship between cooperation and competition is different. For example, French products Schneider products are also relatively large in the Chinese market, and there are more counterfeit things. If we pass the joint venture, we will certainly fight against counterfeiting more vigorously. Therefore, after two years of joint venture, we do have a lot of products to help Schneider fight counterfeiting. Because there are many Schneider appliances in some regions, and there are still some counterfeits. Through this platform, we have indeed achieved the crackdown on counterfeiting. "

a conversation resolved the originally opposite sides, and a lawsuit turned into a "transnational marriage" in the mall. Schneider and Delixi really didn't know each other

LV Benfu questioned Delixi huchengzhong: what about introducing wolves into the house

after the cooperation between Delixi and Schneider, doubts were raised everywhere. Hu Chengzhong, chairman of Delixi board of directors, said, "there are many disputes in the approval process, saying that Hu Chengzhong is a wolf in the house, a traitor, and Wu Sangui." I have never had such a laurel in my life, and all kinds of titles have come

even in practical work, Hu Chengzhong insists on the saying that "wolves love sheep". Hu Chengzhong said, "the two years of cooperation have proved that the production quality level and strengthening ability of low-voltage electrical appliances in the whole region, including outsourcing processing, have been improved. It has proved that it is not to introduce wolves into the house. After the wolf was introduced and cooperated with Delixi, the overall level of the whole industry has been improved."

LV Benfu questioned: "First of all, we say that it is impossible for wolves to fall in love with sheep. They have different genes. How can they fall in love? How can two different species fall in love? Is it not, unless sheep become wolves, or wolves become sheep? We know that Schneider is indeed a very fierce wolf, and he has eaten several in the Chinese market, and he especially likes to trap sheep. Like Mr. Hu, this sheep attracts wolves, and you can be the wolf's little wife, What about the other sheep. So it's normal for people to scold you, not to mention Wu Sangui, but Hu Sangui. Hello, what about the other sheep? Schneider has done a very good job in China. It is said that the second largest player in Schneider's global market is in China, and its profit is the highest in the world. 30% of the profit is supplied by the Chinese market. Therefore, the status is very important. Do others think it's a high-end and low-end take all? Originally, Schneider was a high-end brand. Now with the help of brother Hu, the low-end also ate it. Don't scold you. Who do you scold? Do you say yes? "

Hu Chengzhong's reply: "I have different views. Why do we look at the stress amplitude reduction method differently? Schneider cooperates with other companies. Just mentioned that people's electric or others may be controlled by Schneider, accounting for more than 50%. The only special Schneider and Delixi are 50:50. Of course, Schneider wants 51, we don't agree, we also want 51, Schneider also doesn't agree. This contract is governed by 30 years, at least 50:50 for 30 years Shares of. This is the first case. The second brand is Delixi's, for example, Schneider's brand is not good, or dual brands are not good, only Delixi's brand. Schneider's advantages, global network advantages, management advantages, brand advantages, and domestic advantages of Delixi. Our goal is not only the middle and low-end market in China, but also the overseas middle and low-end market. It turns out that there are so many enterprises in China's top 500, which do not occupy a lot of markets abroad, and low-voltage electrical appliances occupy the national market. China's top 500 is the top 500, which has no impact in foreign markets. What we earn is Chinese money, and the concept is different

Schneider Group Asia Pacific president Shi Ruixiu responded: "To succeed in a joint venture, generally speaking, everyone thinks that multinational enterprises account for the majority of the shares, and Mr. Hu just shared with you that Delixi is unwilling to do so and is unwilling to become a minority shareholder. We have a 50:50 share arrangement, and both sides are equal. We are very democratic in the whole decision-making process, and we resolve our disputes through dialogue. We also There are many different opinions, but we can solve these problems through discussion. This is like a good marriage. In our marriage contract, when we get married, maybe both men and women will sign a prenuptial agreement or contract to clarify how we will deal with some problems after marriage, so we think we have a good foundation for cooperation, Our marriage was very successful. "

the chairman of Delixi's board of directors, CCTV dialogue, sang loudly at the scene to show his sincerity.

reviewing the course of the joint venture, Delixi and Schneider both had a lot of feelings. Two years is too short for a long future. Many people will still care about how long the love songs of Delixi and Schneider can be sung and how far they can be transmitted. The host asked Delixi and Schneider to give each other a song, which represents a promise for the future

Hu Chengzhong said, "I should sing a song" you chose me, I chose you ", which is also a Chinese song. You chose me, I chose you, this is our choice."

host: "this commitment and the first two sentences of Xu Guang's singing are not enough. It's all between you and me, and finally it's our business. Is Zhu Hai's heart surging when he hears this song?"

Zhu Hai, President of Schneider Electric China, said, "yes, because we have a very clear common goal. As long as we all work for this common goal and common interests, I believe we can avoid going further due to impurities such as water."

host: "since he sent this song, you can also express your commitment with the corresponding song. I know you have also worked in France for a long time, and you can also express it with French and English songs."

Zhu Hai: "this song is not for me, but for our current general manager. He can sing in French and English. He is my successor, and he sings better than me."

host: "can he express this commitment to Delixi on behalf of you? What is the commitment expressed? Do we say goodbye 30 years later, or do we have a 60 year cooperation 30 years later? What is the tone?"

Zhu Hai: "Our joint venture has been established for more than two years now. To be honest, there have been many ups and downs in the past two years, whether external or internal, everyone's cooperation, our trust together, we have more and more languages, common market views, and now there is a new Delixi appliance cooperation company, a very healthy company with clear goals. We can maintain the current atmosphere of cooperation, mutual support and mutual support Understand, I believe that not to mention 30 years, or even another 30 years, our Delixi appliance will become a model for Chinese private enterprises. "

Zhang Dongren, general manager of Delixi Electric Appliance: "I will sing an English song. For my position and shareholders, there is a certain, English is' everything I do is for you '. This is an English song, everything I do is for you."

host: "We hope that on the road of the future, the songs of wolf and sheep will have other different versions of the romance. In fact, now China has entered a new era of joint ventures. In many fields, we will see many joint venture versions performed constantly. No matter what field, we hope that in the joint venture of wolf falling in love with sheep, it is really like the song, we love crazy, and we go far together. Let's work together Look forward to it hand in hand. "

: Schneider and Delixi: why do sheep fall in love with wolves

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