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Sany "fireman" - large-span high jet fire truck

Sany "fireman" - large-span high jet fire truck

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from September 5 to 8, the 17th International Fire exhibition will be held in Beijing New National Exhibition, and Sany Heavy Industry will bring 7 brand-new products. In order to satisfy your curiosity, we will unveil the mystery of the exhibition equipment one by one for our fans in recent days, and take you to appreciate the combat strength of Sany fire in advance

Sany 62m long span high jet fire truck

forward, its arm span is 58 meters; Upward, its arm span is 62 meters; And downward, its arm span is also 45 meters. This magical big guy with long arms also has a water cannon range of 80 meters, and its effective fire extinguishing distance is within 140 meters. It is a 62 meter long-span high-rise jet fire truck known as the Sany "fireman". Its prototype is the Sany 62 meter pump truck, the key equipment for cooling the Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011. At the 17th international fire equipment technology exchange exhibition, Sany 62m long-span high-rise jet fire engines made an amazing appearance

in addition to the 62 meter model, the Sany large-span high-rise jet fire truck also has 48 meters and 38 meters, which can meet different needs and fire rescue in different environments. In the past, when encountering large factory buildings, shopping malls and other fires, firefighters could only gradually fight the fire from the periphery towards the core area of the fire, and the rescue efficiency was difficult to be guaranteed. However, with the "fireman", the rescue force will establish a new chain for users to respond to the needs of the aviation industry to be met when they enter the "search engine tutorial" to search. It can easily overcome obstacles and reach the core of the fire. The successful suppression of the warehouse fire of Beijing Fengtai dahongmen timber factory on June 30, 2015, the fire of Xingcheng commercial building in Daxing District, Beijing on September 7, 2015, and the fire of Changsha County battery factory in Hunan on December 10, 2016 is inseparable from the flexible performance of Sany "fireman"

Sany 62m long-span high-rise jet fire truck

the folding arm structure of Sany large-span high-rise jet fire truck can work in a full horizontal attitude. Compared with products of the same specification and model, the horizontal span of this product is 1 9 times. In particular, it is worth noting that the "iron arm" of "fireman" is not only long, but also very flexible. The 6-SECTION fully folded boom is like a long arm manipulator with 6 joints. It is flexible and can adjust the posture of each boom at will, crossing various obstacles. While the water cannon is spraying, the boom can make any posture action, so that the end outlet can be as close to the fire source as possible, and truly realize "where you point"

Sany 62m long-span high-rise jet fire truck

for the situation that the fire truck may need to carry out rescue in narrow terrain, Sany large-span high-rise jet fire truck also has any support system, four legs can be supported at any position, and the minimum support floor width is only 3.3m (38m high-rise jet fire truck). As long as the car can drive in, it can quickly support the legs and expand the boom for fire rescue

in order to facilitate the real-time monitoring of the fire scene, the end of the boom of "fireman" is also equipped with a camera device, and the car is equipped with a 15 inch high-definition display screen and a 7-inch remote control display screen to provide fire-fighting decision support for on-site commanders and operators to achieve the most effective fire-fighting. At the same time, it has the function of 48 hours of continuous video storage, which is convenient for post disaster analysis. In addition, the "fireman" is also equipped with a special remote control, which can be operated remotely within 150 meters to realize all actions of the water pump and boom. One operator can complete all fire fighting operations, ensuring the personal safety of firefighters

Sany 62m long-span high-rise jet fire truck

beside the typical hrb4003 ribbed steel device, there is also a hook that can lift objects with a maximum weight of 180 kg. In addition to lifting equipment, it can also cross obstacles in case of emergency and lift the rescue object to a safe area. In addition, there is an outlet pipeline at the end of the boom of "fireman", which can connect with the fire water supply channel of the high-rise building to supply water to the floors around the 13th floor

the boom of Sany large-span high-rise jet fire truck is foldable, flexible, and has outstanding obstacle crossing ability, which is a powerful supplement to the fire-fighting function of traditional fire-fighting equipment. The addition of Sany high jet fire engines will effectively improve the fire extinguishing efficiency of large-area building fires and bring more security to firefighters

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