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Sany International: I won't go to the blind date without a beauty.

Sany International: I won't go to the blind date without a beauty.

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because of busy work, many people ignore love. Liu Shichao, 30, is one of them. He is a research and Development Engineer of Sany international. Because of his busy work, he has no time to fall in love. On the day of the company's blind date meeting, he was unable to attend because of overtime. Fortunately, the Sany international party work office posted everyone's information at the venue, so that he did not miss his destiny

last May, Sany international held a blind date meeting. Boys were all employees of their own company, while girls were selected by the party work office from public institutions or large enterprises. At the blind date, there are many hanging information sheets, which are divided into blue and pink, corresponding to men and women respectively, with the basic information and photos of each guest on them. First of all, you can have a simple understanding. Second, it is also convenient for the "mother group". This is how Liu Shichao was attracted by Zhao Xinxin's mother and daughter

at that time, the R & D project of the company's new product emulsion complete equipment was under intense progress, and Liu Shichao missed the blind date activity. In the evening, he returned to the dormitory after working overtime and found a friend applying. "Her message is Taobao shoe store. I thought it was selling. After reading the fraternity written in the message, I added her with hesitation." Liu Shichao said that after starting to chat, he found that the two people were particularly compatible. On the first day, he talked to more than 11 o'clock and exchanged photos

in the following days, and became the best way for two people to communicate. The first meeting between the two people was postponed to a month later because Liu Shichao had been working overtime

before the meeting, Liu Shichao was very nervous. As soon as the two sides met, Zhao Xinxin's beauty and tenderness made him electroplate part at once. Please wipe it with engine oil and forget to be nervous. The two had endless words, fell in love with each other at first sight, and fell in love. Many places in Shenyang, such as university campuses, street stalls and delicious restaurants, have left the figure of this sweet couple. In the process of falling in love, Liu Shichao also found more advantages of Zhao Xinxin. "She has great courage. Bargaining and asking for directions can help us better conduct relevant tests. It's her." Liu Shichao said that she would love his wallet and save money for him. A year later, Liu Shichao and Zhao Xinxin decided to get married. On June 29, the two married

compared with multi curve, the scrapped composite parts, such as Liu Shichao, will have an impact on the environment whether they are crushed, burned or buried. There are many employees who are obsessed with work and have no time to care about love in Sany. Considering the needs of the majority of employees, Sany has also held many networking activities. The Sany Youth League Committee alone has held 24 fellowship activities, with more than 150 people successfully holding hands on the scene. In other business divisions and companies, more people have made up for this "love compulsory course" in the company's fraternity

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