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Sany: looking for a breakthrough in Chile

Guide: in 2010, an international rescue of the San Jose copper mine in Chile made the made in China represented by SANY the focus of the world. Taking this opportunity, Sany has strengthened its brand promotion in Chile, and the cultivation of the market is getting better. Sany Chile Company was founded in 2009. Before that, Sany in Chile

in 2010, an international rescue of the San Jose copper mine in Chile made the "made in China" represented by SANY become the focus of the world. Taking this opportunity, Sany has strengthened its brand promotion in Chile, and the cultivation of the market is getting better

Sany Chile was founded in 2009. Before that, Sany had only one marketing representative in Chile. After the establishment of the Chilean company, it gradually formed a marketing service team, with 8 employees, 4 for sales, and 4 for after-sales service of more than 30 products sold, but the strength is still relatively weak

in the Chilean construction machinery market, the products are mostly international well-known brands such as Carter, Komatsu, Schwein, etc., which have an absolute advantage over Sany brand, which has only entered the Chilean market for four years. Therefore, Sany faces fierce competition in Chile

at the beginning of the establishment of the Chilean company, sales were very difficult. Sany's products are sold to customers, who are mainly used for leasing. The construction unit does not trust made in China. For the Chinese system, the measurement range and accuracy of the sensor are greatly improved; Most people in Chile have preconceived ideas about products made in China, and some bad impressions make them biased against made in China. There is even a saying that if you buy an internationally renowned brand, the relevant personnel should not be held responsible for the product problems. If there is a problem with the purchased "made in China" products, they must be responsible. They believe that the quality of the equipment is poor. In fact, Sany products compete with international brands on the same stage, not inferior, and have very high cost performance. But because there are too few people who believe in Chile, everyone feels that the risk is high and is unwilling to try or change easily. Therefore, in the process of product sales, it is difficult to open the market

in 2008, lighter, the largest hoisting company in Chile, tried to buy an SCC4000 crawler crane from Sany with a cautious attitude, which was also the eighth crawler crane of this type produced by SANY at that time. In order to ensure the smooth construction of products, Hao Heng, a service engineer of Sany Chile branch, was stationed in Chile in 2009. His first task was to provide all-round and nanny services to SCC4000

it is reported that the machine participated in Chile 6 The maximum stroke of the movable beam (mm): 800 the construction of some key projects, such as the wind power hoisting operation in lawlaus in northern Chile in August 2009, and the construction of more than 10 large-scale wind power, thermal power and bridge closure projects. From the actual construction situation, except for some common small problems, Sany equipment did not have any major failures, and the customers who used the product highly recognized its quality

in 2010, in the life and death mine disaster in Chile, Sany crawler crane was selected by the Chilean government to participate in the rescue. It is precisely based on the long-standing good construction record of the equipment that the quality of Sany products has been recognized by the Chilean government

in the face of facts, Chile shows admiration and trust for the quality of "made in China" represented by SANY products. After the rescue of the Chilean mine disaster, Sany SCC4000 crawler crane received many engineering tasks one after another, and the schedule was full. There was no need to worry about having no projects to do within half a year. Burger company is more interested in buying another Sany 750 ton crawler crane. The relevant person in charge of the company also made an in-depth investigation on Sany products during the BMW Shanghai exhibition last year

at the end of 2010, Sany took advantage of the global impact of the crawler crane's participation in the rescue, held a series of live subsidy policies such as large-scale product promotion conferences in Chile, and paid more tribute to high-energy density battery power, taking key customers as the entry point, forming a point to area radiation effect, expanding brand awareness, and expanding new market areas

it is understood that Chile is rich in mineral resources and has a great demand for excavators. Gao Xiaosong, the former general manager of the Chilean branch, said that there are very strict standards for excavators to enter the mining area. He once tried to contact with a very famous agent in the mining area, hoping that he could act as an agent for Sany excavator, so that Sany excavator could enter the mining area. During the visit, he was shut down, and others would ask, which brand? Never heard of it. But as long as Sany once participated in the rescue of Chile, customers will become very enthusiastic. At present, the Chilean company has contacted the customer, and the two sides will further discuss the form of cooperation. Once the products enter the mining area, the market of Sany excavator in Chile will be very optimistic

although Sany products have entered Chile for a short time, the rescue in Chile is a breakthrough, providing a great opportunity for the establishment of Sany brand in the region

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