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Application of iFIX industrial control software in tertiary oil recovery of polymer flooding in Daqing Oilfield

according to the overall plan of surface construction of polymer flooding in Daqing Oilfield during the ninth five year plan, the surface engineering of tertiary oil recovery of polymer flooding in Daqing Oilfield has been from pilot field test to industrial promotion and application. In 2000, the polymer engineering of Daqing Oilfield achieved an increase of nearly 8.6 million tons of crude oil, achieved social benefits of nearly 12 billion yuan, and the input-output ratio reached 1:10, Significant social benefits. Polymer flooding adopts the layout plan of "centralized preparation and decentralized injection", and the construction of polymer preparation stations in oil production plants is an important part of the implementation of the plan. The preparation station is mainly used to prepare 5000mg/l polymer mother liquor from polymer dry powder through dispersion and maturation processes. The concentration of polymer solution determines the oil displacement effect

in order to ensure the oil displacement effect of polymer flooding and improve the accuracy of mother liquor concentration. The process puts forward two basic requirements for the control system: ① accurate mother liquor ratio to make the polymer mother liquor meet the required surface tension and viscosity coefficient; ② The preparation process is carried out continuously day and night, otherwise the effect of EOR cannot be achieved. The control system of polymer preparation station is designed for this process requirement. The system is divided into two levels: SCADA level and PLC level. The SCADA level is composed of Ethernet and monitoring operation stations, which can be connected to 64 operation stations at most. The PLC level is composed of field control and control unit PLC, which can be connected with 32 field control PLC units/nodes in parallel. Among them, the SCADA level operation station provides man-machine interface HMI, which requires perfect functions such as monitoring, operation, alarm, trend analysis, information management, database connection, etc. In the design of the expansion and reconstruction project of a large polymer preparation station, the designers chose iFIX industrial control software issued by intelligence company in 2001 for the weaknesses of the original configuration software proposed by the field operator in phase I project, such as frequent crash when modifying parameters, slow speed of system communication switching between pictures, and untimely report generation. Based on a variety of industrial standards, iFIX provides unprecedented scalability, which greatly facilitates system integration

I. application of iFIX in system hardware

scada operation station is configured as follows: P Ⅳ processor, memory 128M, 32-bit sound card, Windows 2000; 21 ", resolution 1024*768; It supports dual redundancy (hot standby), and Ethernet complies with IEEE802 3,10/100mbps, full Chinese display, 10000 control points

ifix i/o driver application:

for the production process in the station, the field control unit PLC has Omron, Modic, including 29 invention patents, 5 utility model patents on, Simens, Allen Bradley and other mainstream products. IFIX OPC automation technology can support the i/o drivers of 8 different types of equipment to run on a SCADA node at the same time, meeting the requirements in the station. Real time data is collected into the process database by iFIX high-performance, high-speed driver in various ways, and nearly 10000 points of data are transmitted to iFIX super server in the main control room through 100m Fast Ethernet. IFIX i/o driver software transmits the data read by PLC from i/o equipment to the address of DIT driver image table, which further expands the brand awareness of the drive, scans, alarms, and then acts The control (SAC) program reads data from the DIT, transmits the processed data to the process database, and then transmits these data to the configuration application through the internal database access function. During the operation, the communication condition has remained stable

II. Application of iFIX in system software

the configuration of all items in the station is completed in iFIX's intelligence workspace, which provides a unified integrated development environment for all components of intelligence dynamics, and makes use of the system directory tree to facilitate system development. It provides a visual window for process processing, so that the interface provides graphical process information, including raw data, calculation data, alarms, variables, trend charts, alarms, etc

The powerful graphic function of

ix makes the information of control points in the station clear at a glance

in order to facilitate the operator to set parameters, use the graphical tools of iFIX to generate a parameter setting box, and directly click it to modify the instrument range and the upper and lower limit alarm values of the signal

2. Since the preparation of polymer mother liquor requires 24-hour uninterrupted liquid supply, and the staff in the station are divided into shifts, mutual handover records, production reports and alarm records are required to provide an effective basis for the smooth handover of on-site operators. The report function of phase I project is extremely imperfect. One of the reasons for choosing iFIX in phase II is its perfect report function. IFIX transmits the data to be printed to excel through DDE data exchange, and prints it regularly/at any time according to the user's report format

3. There are 28 ultrasonic liquid level meters in the station. In order to improve the test accuracy of the system and eliminate or weaken the impact of environmental interference, the system compiles a real-time trend curve for the liquid level. The chart object of iFIX is used to integrate the historical data and real-time data of the liquid level into a chart, and the source of the data label is distinguished by setting the color of the pen. It greatly facilitates the debugging and saves the production cost

4. The generation of alarms in the station is conducive to providing operators with the basis for equipment maintenance in the station. The preparation station adopts both audible alarms and alarm records. The sound alarm is realized by inserting the window media player control, then setting the filename attribute and calling the play method. For example, when the liquid level of a tank is too high and exceeds the value set by this parameter, a sound prompt will appear. At the same time, the alarm information is transferred to E. due to the performance improvement of Xcel, its implementation is to write the alarm information into excel through ODBC data source. When it needs to be called, open excel

5. The system makes full use of the scheduler in the interaction workspace to realize the switching of each picture and the automatic start and stop of the dispersion device in the station and the export pump

6. In order to ensure the continuity of liquid distribution production, the system is equipped with two industrial computers and adopts double duplex hot standby control. One of the computers plays a controlling role and transmits information to the other standby computer at the same time. The server monitors the working conditions of the two computers in real time and compares their execution results. When the working machine that plays the role of control fails, the server transfers the control right to the standby computer, and then restart the working machine after the failure is handled. Always maintain the unity of the data of the two servers and the communication with PLC level

6. In order to implement corresponding permissions for users at different levels, the security configuration program of iFIX is used to

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