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Application of ink technology in anti-counterfeiting (Part 2)

(2) magnetic ink. The pigments used in magnetic ink are magnetic materials, commonly used are iron oxide and iron tetroxide, the former is brown, the latter is black, and their residual magnetism is relatively high. Edge binders are usually alkyd resins. Other pigments can also be added to magnetic inks to obtain inks of various colors

magnetic inks were first used to print codes on credit cards. With the development of computer and computer reading and scanning system, all kinds of magnetic cards came into being, from the meal ticket magnetic card used by college students to the shareholder card in the stock market, from all kinds of shopping cards everywhere to the post and telecommunications card in the post and telecommunications system, providing a broad field for the use of magnetic ink. Because the magnetic card has the characteristics of convenient carrying and fast settlement, it will be widely used

magnetic ink used in anti-counterfeiting packaging is mainly printed with magnetic ink at a certain part of the packaging, which can be detected by special means, so as to form secret anti-counterfeiting

various magnetic cards will be rubbed by the reading system during scanning and reading, and will be stored under the action of the electric field of the reading system, so it is required to achieve sufficient ink layer thickness and density during printing

(3) fluorescent oil the following is a detailed introduction of 1 inking and phosphorescent ink. Fluorescent ink is made by dissolving fluorescent materials in corresponding resins. The particles of fluorescent pigments are generally fine, and there are many types of binders. Different binders will produce different fluorescence. When using fluorescent inks, it should be ensured that they have sufficient concentration, and the ink layer of prints should be thicker, so as to ensure satisfactory fluorescence effect

the prints printed with fluorescent ink are bright in color and have good decoration effect. Under the action of visible light and ultraviolet light, they can emit glittering fluorescence

the fluorescent ink used for anti-counterfeiting packaging has the best anti-counterfeiting effect prepared by itself. Different formulas can get different fluorescent effects, and it is generally difficult to fake realistically. The formula is in the hands of the enterprise itself, thus forming the secret of anti-counterfeiting. Fluorescent ink has poor light resistance, and the effect of outdoor printing is not good

The characteristic of phosphorescent ink is that it can absorb the light on it and emit it at a certain wavelength within a certain period of time. Its pigment is zinc sulfide, and the binder is generally a neutral transparent material, such as cyclohexanone resin. It is mainly used for printing advertisements and signs. Mixing phosphorescent ink with fluorescent ink can get better anti-counterfeiting packaging effect

(4) anti counterfeit ink. Anti counterfeiting ink, also known as insurance ink and safety ink, is the first special ink used in the field of anti-counterfeiting. It is mainly designed to deal with outlaws who alter bills with fading spirit. It is used to print the shading of invoices and all securities. When encountering the action of fading spirit and other chemicals, this shading disappears or changes color, so as to find the traces of obliteration

the fading mechanism of anti-counterfeiting ink mainly has two aspects: one is to use pigments that fade when encountering fading spirit, such as some basic dyes, and the other is to use binders that can change color when encountering fading spirit or other chemical substances, such as biphenol. Both methods can get satisfactory results. Adding fluorescent materials to the anti-counterfeiting ink will have a better anti-counterfeiting effect

(5) spray ink. Refers to the ink used for ink-jet printing, which is suitable for spraying metal, plastic, glass and other materials. The pigments for spraying ink are water-soluble dyes, and the binders mainly include polyester, polyether, chlorinated polyolefin, etc

inkjet printing is more and more widely used in anti-counterfeiting packaging. Because of its fast printing speed and good quality, it is widely equipped to the production line for printing date and other marks. The inkjet printer in the early PE twining double arm corrugated pipe period has been basically solved now because the quality of the spraying ink used is unstable and the nozzle is often blocked, resulting in production stoppage. Therefore, it is required that the viscosity of spraying ink should be appropriate and the fluidity should be good. Avoid clogging the nozzle

improve the formula of spraying ink by adding an appropriate amount of fluorescent materials, magnetic materials, thermal materials, etc. It will make the anti-counterfeiting effect of spraying ink better

second, the application of anti-counterfeiting inks

there are many kinds of anti-counterfeiting inks. With the development of science and technology, new anti-counterfeiting inks continue to emerge. Generally, we study the characteristics of anti-counterfeiting inks more, but we don't discuss the application of anti-counterfeiting inks enough, resulting in the packaging using anti-counterfeiting inks can't achieve effective anti-counterfeiting effects. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the application of anti-counterfeiting ink, so that anti-counterfeiting ink can really play the role of packaging anti-counterfeiting

1. Use of anti-counterfeiting inks

at present, the use of anti-counterfeiting inks mostly appears in the form of trademarks. Printing enterprises hand over the trademarks to packaging enterprises after printing, and packaging enterprises stick them on packaging containers. The drawback of this procedure is that the using enterprises do not know the specific formula of anti-counterfeiting ink, that is, they do not know the secret of anti-counterfeiting, giving up the initiative of commodity anti-counterfeiting, and the formula of trademark and its ink is easy to flow into the hands of outlaws

the way to overcome the above disadvantages is the use of anti-counterfeiting ink. Enterprises can arrange the printing machinery directly on the packaging line, and the anti-counterfeiting ink can be prepared by themselves (generally, enterprises can do it). According to different dates, different products can adopt different formulas, which can ensure the safety of the ink formula, and there is no disadvantage that the ink formula flows into others' hands

in fact, the use of ink is that the enterprise has mastered the recipe of ink, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. In fact, among all the anti-counterfeiting methods, secret anti-counterfeiting is the most reliable one. Many large enterprises in the world rely on secret anti-counterfeiting to keep their brands, such as Coca Cola company, Jianlibao company, etc. the non new material industry is facing the development trends of increasing material varieties and brands, widespread distribution of production and user enterprises, and increasing personalized demand for materials

2. Spring coat of anti-counterfeiting ink? Br with the passage of time, every anti-counterfeiting ink will lose its novelty and confidentiality, but as long as we give it proper use, it will prolong its service life. The compound use of anti-counterfeiting ink is a good way

there are two ways to use anti-counterfeiting inks in combination. One is to use two or more anti-counterfeiting inks in combination with their respective characteristics to form a new anti-counterfeiting ink; The other is to print characters or patterns with two or more anti-counterfeiting inks. For example, if you print a pattern like a bar code, you can use magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink to print the strip of the pattern, and use thermal ink to print the space of the pattern. Obviously, this is to improve the technical content of anti-counterfeiting ink. If you can use this composite method, you will receive better anti-counterfeiting effect

to sum up, ink technology is more and more widely used in anti-counterfeiting packaging. Only by constantly developing and applying, scientifically combining ink technology with packaging design and processing, and constantly innovating, can we better play the anti-counterfeiting role of ink

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